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Welding Procedures (updated 2013)  

MCABC 1 & 1A plus 2 to 13

$250 Not applicable
Job Site Journal

Helps to avoid costly claims by tracking delays & progress of jobs through Daily and Weekly Reports. The Daily Report records work site conditions and progress. Weekly reports detail delays with space available for a more specific explanation of the week’s progress.

$13.50 $24.50
Shop Drawings Title Submittal Sheets

Form consists of 6 copies: Master, General Contractor, Mechanica l File, Architect, Engineer, and File copy. Reverse side contains detailed instructions for submitting.


pkg of 10


pkg of 10

Accident Investigation Tips for Mechanical Trades (DVD)

Get step-by-step instruction on how to conduct a thorough accident investigation and understand why accident investigations are so valuable. Running time: 10 minutes. Produced 2002.

Free $300
Asbestos Awareness for the Mechanical Trades

This kit will help you teach your workers when they could be exposed to asbestos on a jobsite, how to identify potential asbestos hazards, and how to prevent asbestos exposure.

Free $300
Plumbing Backflow Prevention Manual

This is the industry’s most comprehensive reference manual on backflow prevention. It contains information and full-colour illustrations on all subjects relating to backflow prevention including installation, testing, cross-connection control, repair, inspections and more.

$164 $305
Code of Practice for Commissioning Mechanical Systems In Buildings Free $100
Confined Space Entry Safety Training Kit

This training kit will show mechanical construction and service workers how to identify confined spaces and how to enter and work in them safely.

$187 $444
Fall Protection for Mechanical Construction

Information you’ll need to train your workers to protect themselves from falls. A training videotape, a set of 20 pocket guides with helpful safety reminders about avoiding falls and a training documents system.

$187 $444
MSCA Customer Service Training Series – CD

MSCA’s 30-module program is designed to provide in-house training of your service employees whenever and wherever you want. The Participant Workbook includes materials for all 30 modules & notes for each session. The Leader’s Guide contains detailed class content that can readily be delivered by a non-professional trainer. The Leader’s Guide also includes the full test of the Participant Workbook for easy reference & all the required PowerPoint slides for ease of presentation.

$105 $150
MCABC Health & Safety Manual  E-Template
The MCABC Health & Safety Manual template is intended both to provide your company with a guideline for a COR compliant health and safety program that meets the requirements of WorkSafe BC and to help the company and employees understand their responsibilities and roles.  A BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) officer can be available to assist/guide you through the health and safety requirements if needed.
$500 Not applicable
Change Order Protocol

The size and number of changes on a particular project can significantly alter the cost of the project. If handled improperly, changes can also lead to disputes and even litigation between the various parties on a project. The purpose of this Change Order Protocol is to provide a fair & reasonable process for the costing and pricing or change orders.

Free $20
Safety Orientation for Plumbers

Plumbing contractors who are committed to improving their employees’ safety procedures need this kit. It includes the basics required for an intensive, comprehensive training seminar or workshop. Kit includes a training videotape, a set of 20 pocket guides (one for each trainee) that serve as handy reminders about how to avoid specific hazards and a training documentation system. Published 2000.

$187 $444
Toolbox Safety Talk (Electronic version only)

Designed for training of mechanical construction workers to reduce job-related accidents and injuries.

Free $400

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This list was last updated on January 2020.